Rio Verde, Arizona

One of my favorite semi-rural territories in Arizona.  There’s not much of anything in Rio Verde… including water. But that doesn’t stop folks from living there.  There are local companies in these parts that truck in water for it’s residents. It is considered a golf community, but to me it is horse country, where the wealthiest cowboys in these parts live.

Rio Verde is a master planned community, but take the back roads minutes from town, and you are in 4-wheel drive, dirt road, treacherous rugged territory. I’ve seen 90lb Mountain Lion, Bobcat, Coyote, Javelina, and of course… rattle snakes.

Rio Verde Untouched…
The misshapen arms on this giant and ancient Saguaro are the result of frostbite.

Rio Verde LD

Rio Verde BFA

Watch where you step in Rio, Rattlers are VERY common residents!

rattle snake

Photos by local resident: Laura D. & amy elizabeth









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