Game Cabinet Before and After

Bought this cabinet for it’s potential to become a suitable game cabinet in our home. The blue paint sporadically brushed on everywhere looked as though somebody tried to attempt that shabby chic distressed look… and in my opinion, failed. Harsh, I know, but that’s just the critical opinion I need get my creative flow in gear… and fix it.

Anything painted to look old… shouldn’t look painted to look old. It should look naturally faded and distressed from actual wear. That was my goal for this piece.

Taking out the glass in this cabinet and replacing it with wire was my first thought on how to transform this piece from ordinary to interesting. To make it both  interesting and unique, I spray painted the wire (hardware cloth) black, and hand painted the trim around it a dark gray for subtle contrast.

The original hardware seemed appropriate for this piece. The hinges were kept as is… the hint of blue paint on them invites mystery by preserving a touch of history. I also exposed a few spots of blue on the body as well… just because.

The dark gray on top and down below were strictly for a little added character, both were stenciled using the same paint as the body of cabinet. 

Materials Used:
Body: Annie Sloan Chalk Paint / Old White

Top Piece & Lower: Annie Sloan Chalk Paint / Graphite
Stencil Paint: Annie Sloan / Old White
Stencils: Hobby Lobby
Wire: Black Satin Spray Paint
Sandpaper: 500 grit all over before wax / 60 grit to distress
Wax: Annie Sloan Clear

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