Reviewing Chalk Paints, Waverly vs. Annie Sloan

Chalk paint has certainly made it’s way into my workshop, in the beginning, I only used Annie Sloan products. Now, I’ve stocked my paint cabinet with, well…. whatever chalk paint I happen to  stumble upon.  Micheal’s, Hobby Lobby, Ace Hardware, local off brand labels, and yes, even Wal-Mart.

Let’s talk about this Waverly chalk paint Wal-Mart sells. It’s plentiful, fair priced, and comes in enough colors to satisfy most of my project needs.  That’s good news, but is the product itself worthy of my paint expectations? You bet, I like the coverage, it goes a long way by covering better on the first coat. Sands well, doesn’t bleed or fade after applying sealants such as wax, varnish, or polyurethane.

However, not a fan of the Waverly brush on wax, or the varnish. Neither offers a uniform finished look. Personally, I choose Annie Sloan clear wax over all chalk painted pieces. It polishes to a nice sheen and doesn’t ever have a dusty residue appearance when buffed out.

This tray project is painted with Waverly, color ink. Annie Sloan doesn’t have a rich black paint, the closest to compare is the graphite, which is more like a dark gray. Painting with graphite is usually a disappointment, using either clear or dark wax over it, I’m rarely excited about the outcome. But that’s just me, maybe I just haven’t found the right piece to give it proper credit.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
Love the products, all of them. For painting a large pieces, it’s the best.  But mostly because it’s convenient and comes in quart size cans! Annie Sloan quart size paint is near $40, but it will do a full size dresser with paint to spare. That’s a good deal.  But for small pieces, the Annie Sloan pint jars are pricey, and once opened they seem to get cakey and cruddy way too quick for my liking.  Annie Sloan is no doubt a good product, but is it better than than Waverly? Nah… I can’t really tell the difference.


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  1. The Waverly paint is actually acrylic paint, not chalk paint. It’s called chalk because of the finish it leaves.

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