A Pickers Moment, Do You See it?

That glorious moment of pure excitement, you know… when you see a treasure at a flea market and nearly have a stroke trying to get it before someone else does. If you’re a serious picker you know exactly what I’m talking about! You blink, and it’s gone.

You see it? The light green pieces of TOTAL VALUE on the table left center? OMG, it’s JADE-ITE! This is when the heart races, the brain responds, and you go into total triathlon mode. Run, swim, whatever, just get the treasure and have no regard for anyone in your way.  You don’t want to look like a crazy person, so you just hold your breath & shift to speed walk.

Then the moment arrives… you got it. YOU GOT IT! Now, when it’s a substantial score, you have to get the goods to the car. Of course you have boxes in the vehicle, problem is, no way you’re leaving your treasures behind to get one. No worry, you’ll, stack, use your shirt, hat, or whatever, and if that’s a fail, have a balancing act that is second to none… you got this!





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