Exhibiting Crafts at the State Fair

Entering our creations was a special way that brought our family together. We prepared all year, dragged all our stuff down to the fair a week before, then could hardly wait until the fair opened to see if we were lucky enough to place. We’d all pile in the car, spend twenty minutes looking for a parking place and scoring a spot somewhere out in East Jesus… which cost $10 bucks. We’d walk for blocks to the fair and go straight to the exhibit building. Excitement was building in us all as we raced from exhibit to exhibit with high hopes of landing that first place blue ribbon. But to get the rosette? Well, that was big time, it was the best of the best. Once in a while we got one, and it was an amazing feeling we all shared together.

But now everything has changed. There was a time when a maker had actual competition at the State Fair. Today there are hardly any exhibitors. What changed? Maybe when the fair decided to stick us all in a basement? Or maybe when they took away the rosette ribbons? Just sayin’… I remember when it was fun to be a maker at the State Fair. Needless to say, we no longer enter, or even bother taking the trip down the stairs to the basement to see the few exhibits. 

At least I have fond memories, and those are mine forever.


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