What to Expect when Updating to a New WP Theme

Know What your Getting Into Before you Take the Plunge
Help with Editing & Formatting Published Posts

If you think it’s as easy as pushing a button, you’re probably going to be disappointed. Especially if you have years of posts. Even more so if you’ve applied formatting of any kind to your entries. That means something as simple as pictures you placed left or right, margins that were justified, cut & pasted pics, and/or custom text colors. … may look different. Probably not in a good way either. Which means you’ll have to go back to each post and edit. Time consuming & tedious? You bet, this is why I’m here to tell you exactly what to expect if you’re pondering over an upgrade.

If your posts are not formatted, meaning you post things without changing a thing, you still probably won’t have smooth sailing, but it definitely will be easier.

Already Updated?
Here’s an Efficient Way to Edit Categorized Published Posts

The best way to check and edit all your posts in an orderly fashion is through the dashboard. Go to All Posts > All Dates > All Categories > Filter. All your posts in all categories are listed there by month & year. Start with either the newest or oldest and work your way through them all, this way you are sure to not miss any.


To edit individual posts on the list, choose View at the bottom of each listed post. Edit the post > Click View Post, if you’re happy with it, hit the back button to return to the list of All Posts. Following this procedure you will (in time) have viewed and edited every post in all categories. 

When editing, take advantage of the clear formatting tab on your tool bar (next to paste as text.) Highlight the post, and click on Clear Formatting. Pictures and text will now be aligned. This will not affect your links. But it will remove bold text , color, italics, and reset margins.

Don’t Forget your Pages

Pages are not listed with your posts. Go to your Dashboard > Pages > All Pages > All Dates > Filter.  All your pages will be listed here, all in one place, making it easier to edit each one individually. 

Why Upgrade?

Maybe you just want a fresh new look, certainly nothing wrong with that. But it’s also important to know that newer technology may not be compatible with older themes. In my case for instance, WordAds was paused because I was using a seven year old theme. Also, newer plugins may not be available to your current dated theme. If this, and your blog are important to you, it’s time to get busy. Update. 


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