It’s a Dry Heat, So What… Still Darn Hot

It’s 8:30 AM; I’ve done all the barn chores, raked, cleaned the dog yard, and cut the grass… no big deal, right? Wrong, this is June in Phoenix! GRRRRR! Good grief, I’m exhausted. Check out that humidity; this explains a lot when I see my reflection in the mirror.
It’s 90 in the shade, but where’s the shade? Not much at my place, not a sliver of shade anywhere I have work to do.
It hasn’t rained in 93 days when we got a whopping 0.01 inches of rain; I can’t remember before that. But it’s pretty safe to say, NO rain in at least four months.

No rain equals brush fires, and they’re everywhere! We were stuck on a mountain pass freeway Sunday because firefighters were battling a fire close to the road. That was fun; we were worried our car would overheat from idling in temps near 109… it didn’t.
How do these fires start anyway? Sparks from vehicles? People flicking cigarettes out the window? I’m guessing it’s more so the cigarettes, but what do I know. There are signs on the freeways stating, “Use ashtrays, fire hazard extremely high.”  Pretty stupid to ignore that, but it’s also pretty stupid that car makers decided to eliminate ashtrays in vehicles. Ok, I’ve recovered in air conditioning, rant over.

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