Cowboy Poetry, Choices for Tomorrow, amy elizabeth

Cowboy Poetry Cover 72218

There’s no tellin’ how to change what we know ain’t right,
Sometimes there’s no listening until there’s a battle to fight.
We are not invincible, an’ our youth will slowly fade,
With gentle reminders that some changes need to be made.

I look back on my years and they were filled with trials,
Like that dusty trail that went nowhere for miles an’ miles.
But when the dust settled an’ the trail was clear,
I rode a might taller when I quit carryin’ that fear.

We shy from change by livin’ from day to day,
An’ make excuses when nothin’ seems to go our way.
But for those who ignore the choices they have today,
Tomorrow will decide, because age takes them all away.

Choices for Tomorrow © 2018 | amy elizabeth

More Cowboy Poetry by amy elizabeth |Trail of Trials: A Collection of Western Folk Poetry
Paperback, Amazon.

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