Take Notice of Those who Suffer Quietly

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Life goes on every day, for the most part, same routine, same agenda. What we fail to notice is just how much is happening around us that we’ve unknowingly ignored.  Unfortunately, it usually takes an earth shattering crisis to wake us up and become more aware. I’m talking about people, not a job, not the bills we can’t pay, or whatever part of our lives that aren’t perfect. Life isn’t perfect, as a matter of fact, it’s pretty darn hard sometimes. We take a lot for granted, walk around with blinders on half the time, and our personal agenda probably ranks way too high on what should be considered what’s most important.

Did you ever look around you and really notice how many people everyday are hiding their pain or suffering? They’re everywhere, at Wal-mart, the grocery store, probably somebody you work with. It may be the person who delivers your mail, or the member of your church who wears a smile every Sunday to hide their sadness.

We need to be kind to people, be more patient, and caring towards those around us. That means showing a little compassion no matter what. Not just to those in obvious despair, but to all, because despair, pain and suffering may not be obvious at all. People who suffer from whatever life has handed them feel alone. No matter how much they are cared for and loved, at the end of the day, when it’s all said and done, THEY ARE ALONE. Alone with their thoughts and the disturbing inner chatter that can make each and every day of their lives a torturous nightmare.

Next time you honk your car horn, roll your eyes at someone, or just forget to be patient, I want you to remember something. People are everywhere who have more on their mind then hurrying out of your way. They may be people who are trying to find their own way through something way bigger and harder than what may be on your day’s watch. You may feel invincible to all the bad things in life that can happen, but the truth is, you’re not.  Offer a kind gesture and a little compassion, trust me, someday you will seek a kind heart too.

Open your eyes, you shouldn’t have to be a victim of a crisis in order to recognize one. Just be more aware, that’s all you have to do, the compassion and kindness you hold in your heart will do the rest.

Seek out an Opportunity to Help Someone Every Day

Hold open a door, offer assistance, help someone trying to get a stroller down the steps, or a steady a walker for an elderly person rising from a dining table at a restaurant. Every small interaction with someone is an opportunity to have a positive impact on both of your lives.

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