Creating a Craft Space

Sometimes having a crafting space takes a little creativity, especially if you’re working with a small area. However, like anything else, if you want something bad enough you’ll find a way to make it happen, so here’s a little help to get you headed in the right direction.

What’s really important is that you have usable workable space, whether it’s an entire room, or just a dedicated table in a permanently established corner.  The key word in crafting, or making if you prefer today’s lingo, is convenience, that’s it in a nutshell, again… CONVENIENCE. Without convenience, your creative ideas will be nothing more than just, well, ideas.

You should be able to sit down and create having everything you need within reach. Supplies & tools of your interests packed in drawers, stuffed into boxes or closets are merely obstacles that divert creativity into a cluttered mess. Which then turns into a chore when it all has to be put away. And of course, the thought of dragging it all out again will mostly likely not happen anytime soon.

What’s the Solution?

Organization. Find a dedicated area with at minimum, ample wall space for shelving or peg board (preferably both) and a table or workbench with some height. Make sure you have an electrical outlet nearby.  I suggest a workbench because they’re higher, that means you have space underneath for more storage. There are many different types of plastic storage containers with an array of drawer types that will keep all your supplies at hand. If you choose to use a workbench you’ll need a bar stool or step chair to be comfortable at your work space.

You’ll need power, if you only have one outlet near your space, get a power strip and screw it to your workbench. This will allow you to use multiple outlets for lighting, power tools, etc. and eliminate unsightly cords from being a tangled mess on the floor.

Your workbench is a workbench, not a piece of furniture. It’s happy to have your scattered remnants of creativity in plain sight, where you can ponder it’s possibilities. If your crafting area is in your living space and you want a neater appearance, consider a folding room divider. They’re hinged so they’ll easily adapt to any shape around a small area, they can be light and airy, or of wood, either one would be an attractive accent to hide your work space.

This is my Craft Space….

Nothing fancy, just functional, comfortable, and organized in a way that creating is both enjoyable and convenient.


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