Welcome to This is Arizona

Valley of the Sun

Filled with adventure, BIG cities, quaint western towns, gold mining territories, and the Sonoran Desert in all it’s glory. Living in Phoenix is not for everybody, it’s sweltering hot in most parts for 4.5 months a year. But, the rest of the year it’s paradise to some 6 million sun-worshipers who call this territory home. What’s sweltering? You can expect 115-118+ degree temperatures in Phoenix starting in June, and it’s pretty much miserable until mid October. The ideal time to visit Phoenix is late October thru April.

My Other Blog
Visit my Farm Blog if your interested in chicken keeping. This blog is packed with informative articles & resources for the backyard chicken keeper.
Not interested in chickens? How about a tour of the property and all our animals? TBN Ranch Photo Gallery


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