When Employees Come to Work Sick… My Thoughts

Sick employees who come to work when they have paid sick time must be either selfish or totally thoughtless towards the well being of others.

I’m retired now so I can finally speak freely about employees that come to work sick spreading their disgusting germs all over the place. Which in turn, exposes everybody else in the workplace who’ll probably get sick and be miserable as well. Not nice, not nice at all!

I understand some employees have no choice but to come to work, such as those who aren’t offered paid sick days and just can’t afford the time off.  I also know all about the asswipe bosses who are intolerant of absences. Especially the latter, I was a commission worker for 37 years with no benefits, and most of my bosses were slave driving assholes that cared only about the service I provided for their customers. A service they couldn’t provide without me, so I worked no matter what just to avoid confrontation. So believe me, I understand there are circumstances and pressures on some workers who come to work sick, I get it, been there, and I sympathize. HOWEVER…

To the inconsiderate employees of a company who are offered paid sick days and come to work anyway… SHAME ON YOU.  They do this because, well I don’t know, selfish reasons maybe, such as wanting to roll them into vacation days? If that’s the case, their benefit package definitely needs a second look. Maybe they feel the company can’t run without them? Who knows, but the latter is highly unlikely. Because whether they want to believe it or not, every employee is absolutely positively replaceable… and probably at a lower wage to boot!

One thing I know for sure, it’s rude and terribly inconsiderate to knowingly come to work sick exposing everyone to a potential illness.  As if infecting co-workers isn’t bad enough, lets not forget the customers who also are being exposed.  Honestly, how absolutely unprofessional, unbusinesslike, and RUDE is it to expose customers whose health may already be compromised, such as the elderly? Especially on purpose! Yes, on purpose, if you have sick pay and don’t use it, you are knowingly causing suffering to others. Again, shame on you.

A Message to Employers…
Offer paid sick leave? Then send the sickos home! Help keep the rest of your staff happy and healthy so they can do their job efficiently. If you don’t offer sick pay, send them home anyway! Nobody wants to use a phone or keyboard that that somebody is sneezing and coughing all over. I think every employee would rather work a little harder to cover the absent than suffer with the flu or a rotten nasty cold.

AND… let’s face it, nothing good is ever going to come from a customer that was just face to face with a contagious employee coughing and gagging an arms length away from them.

What Brought this Rant On, My Story
I went to a business for a professional service a few days ago and was greeted by a coughing, hoarse, obviously dreadfully sick employee at the front desk. I was immediately ticked off and felt uneasy about standing near her. She couldn’t possibly know being much younger than I, or maybe it never dawned on her, but not all people can get over an illness as easy as she can! My immune system is compromised right now, and the flu or even a cold could be a catastrophic risk to my health. I’m not alone on this either, there are people around us every single day who have health problems they don’t talk about.  We all need to be more sensitive and compassionate to everyone around us. Not just in the workplace, but everywhere. Look around you…. think of others. Kindness goes a long way, and the reward is big.





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