Make a Tiny Dog Sweater from a Sock, Watch Video

If you have a tiny dog then you already know it’s difficult to find a sweater that is small enough. By tiny I mean 5 pounds and under. My Rudy is a tea-cup Chihuahua weighing only 3.5 lbs, so even an extra small sweater is way too big. After researching my options on how to make the easiest sweater possible for my little guy, (I don’t sew or knit very well) I ran across this video. A sweater made from a sock, no sewing required… the perfect solution. Here’s my little guy in his sock sweater, and I made it in 5 minutes.

Keep in mind when shopping for socks, mens are bigger and a little wider, ladies are smaller and narrower, so you do have some wiggle room for proper sizing.  Also, I didn’t like the fuzzy soft kind, they frayed and didn’t keep their shape, so avoid those.  If you have some old socks in your drawer, use ’em… now you have an excuse to buy yourself a new pair!

Tip: One problem with tiny dogs is they tend to pull their little legs through the arm holes. Therefore, cut the holes as small as needed to avoid this. If you have a male dog you can either cut the sock to accommodate, or just roll the sock up a little before a potty break.

Rudy in Sock Sweater

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