A Good Deed… a Good Day

McDonalds Raises Breakfast Sandwich Prices, but Offers a Deal 

Getting right to the nitty gritty, a sausage and egg McMuffin in Phoenix is now $3 bucks + tax, add a coffee and the bill comes to $4.29. Unless you order with a friend… because the sandwiches are only $2 bucks a piece if you order two. A better value indeed, except I can’t eat two, and McDonalds isn’t exactly where I’d pick to have lunch with a friend. I’m guessing McDonalds is counting on profits through the sides and/or drinks ordered by two customers instead of one?

Who knows, whatever… I’ll take the deal, then pitch the sandwich out the window to the first homeless person I see.  Here in Phoenix, it doesn’t take long to pass by the street corner beggars/panhandlers on most every busy freeway ramp and intersection before a true homeless person is spotted. Do I ever give money? NEVER. But I’ll take that so called bargain once in a awhile from McDonalds and pay it forward.

How about you, sound like a plan? Arby’s also offers two sandwiches for $5 now and then. Remember, A good deed… a good day.

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