Detox your Home, Here’s How and Why

Let’s take a closer look at the chemicals we bring into our homes. I’m certainly guilty of NOT giving a single thought to any of the products I use everyday for cleaning, laundry, pest control, well, the lists could go on and on.
Today we are learning to be more aware of what’s healthy and what’s not. It goes way beyond the food we eat, it also means taking notice of what we bring into our home that can be harmful to our health and well being. After doing the research for this article, my shopping list is drastically changing, starting today. Bye-bye dryer sheets and hello to a new shower curtain, why? Read on….

How to Eliminate Cancer-Causing Toxins From Your House

by Kamea Chayne
Dangerous household toxins are hiding in many not-so-obvious places in your home. Learn how to fully detox your home of all cancer-causing chemicals.
There is no place like home—the warm, memory-filled dwelling you grew up in, the place you return to at the end of a long day, and the sanctuary that rejuvenates you before you go back to face the outside world. Of course, you want this place to be safe, peaceful and free from household toxins Continue Reading

27 Ways to Detox Your Home

by Happy Healthy Mama
The fact is, our homes can be filled with over 500 different chemicals. Think about that! And what’s worse, they get trapped inside our sealed up, insulated walls. It’s estimated that indoor air is 2-5 times more polluted than outdoor air. There’s even a sickness coined “Toxic Home Syndrome” when your home literally makes you sick… Continue Reading

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