Choosing a Small Dog, But Which One?

If you’re considering a small dog to join your household, take the time to learn which breed will be best for your family. There’s much more than a cute ball of fur to consider. If you have small children a dog under five pounds is not one I recommend. Toy or tiny teacup dogs can be fragile, and if handled too rough can be injured quite easily.

Maintenance, as with any breed is another factor to consider. Are you ok digging deep into your pockets for grooming every 6-8 weeks? Most long coated dogs will need professional attention on a regular basis, even if you tend to their brushing at home. Your toy breed will not cost less at the salon because of it’s small size, prices are set by haircut types and how long their grooming takes.

As a retired professional groomer I didn’t want to deal with grooming, so I chose a short haired Chihuahua. Meet Rudy, a three pound Chihuahua, 8 months old.



There’s many little dogs to fall in love with, let’s meet some of them…

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