YouTuber Stevie T. Yea or Nay?

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I don’t even play guitar, but I subscribe to this crazy goof, StevieT. Why? Because he makes me laugh plain & simple. It’s obvious he’s an incredibly talented guitar player, but I didn’t really realize it until this video. His guitar playing is not what his videos are about, he merely uses his musical talent as a prop for his … well, rather odd humor. His facial expressions are CRAZY and sometimes a little crazy is just what I need after a hard day,

As a kid I loved to watch Jerry Lewis and I hate to admit it, The Three Stooges, maybe that’s why I like StevieT, he’s funny… and not, and that’s exactly what makes him entertaining to watch.

Not sure my husband is on the same page, he laughs, but I think it’s at me laughing like an idiot.

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