The Difference Between Jade-ite, Jadite and Jadite Green Glass

What’s vintage or modern isn’t always apparent, that’s why the more research we do the better. That’s how we learn, and actually that’s how this article came to be. I was scouring the internet for a Jadite pitcher I bought at a thrift store for $4 bucks. An unmarked piece, but beautiful, bargain priced, and would look great shelved with my Jadeite collection. I knew it was a reproduction, but who made it? And when?

My research to identify the pitcher brought me to the article below, which explained a lot about repro Jadite pitchers, also, verified my pitcher to indeed be a reproduction. I don’t always care if a piece is a reproduction, I just want to KNOW that it is. I mix vintage and new, so what, there are no rules right? However, rules or no rules, I still want to have the knowledge to spot a reproduction and understand the differences.

There’s a lot to learn, even the basics can be confusing to a new collector. For instance, there’s Jade-ite, Jadite, and Jadite green glass.  I mention the latter because it’s a common description on eBay. If you’re wondering what the differences are, the article by Real or Repro will give you a better understanding.

Here’s the $4 pitcher I found at a thrift store, top left… how do you leave this behind? Auh… you don’t, it’s cool right?

New Jadite Kitchen Glass

By Randy & Dixie Hardesty | Real or Repro

Jade-ite is Anchor Hocking’s brand name for opaque green glass, Jadite is a generic name of any opaque green glass by any maker.

New pitchers were produced that look very similar to vintage Jadeite Anchor Hocking and Fire-King pitchers in Pillar Optic pattern, often called Melon.
The new pitchers were made in China and imported by Gibson. The only marking is a white paper label Continue Reading

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