A Lucky Find, Vintage Pink Pyrex

Pink Gooseberry Cinderella Bowls

Found these highly sought after vintage pyrex bowls at a local thrift store in Carefree Arizona. Finding this kind of stuff is what makes pickin’ so much fun, you just never know when you’re going to find a valuable treasure for cheap.

About the Gooseberry Cinderella Line

In 1957 the Gooseberry pattern was introduced for the opalware Pyrex line, preceded only by Snowflake and Pink Daisy. Along with Butterprint, Gooseberry was one of the first patterns debuted on the new “Cinderella Bowls.” Cinderella Bowls were a series of large nested mixing bowls with a handle or spout on each side, which were designed by John Philip Johnson.

In today’s market retail value depends on overall condition. These pieces are in mint condition and would sell for around $75.  If I had the complete set of four, $250-$300. So in storage they go, I’ll wait until I find the other two.

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