Mercari Selling App, My Opinion as a Buyer

I quit shopping Mercari for one reason. Even though Merceri offers quality merchandise and my transactions have been smooth. WHY on earth are items that have already sold still posted?  It’s frustrating to scroll through tons of items with sold signs in the upper righthand corner. Who cares about what’s unavailable? I want to buy, not see what I already missed out on! Is it just me? Check it out if you must, click on logo below and SCROLL away.

Try These Alternative Places to Sell… or Buy!

By Gina Broom
So you’re in a funk with eBay, or maybe you’re just looking out into the big wide world of selling platforms to see what opportunities lay yonder. Either way, you’ve ended up here, and you wonder about the top alternatives to eBay and which ones will suit you most.
No one can deny the power of eBay: Since 1995, eBay has held its place as one of the largest marketplaces in the world… Continue Reading and explore other options.

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