About Jadite Shell Dinnerware

Jadite Shell & Swirl Not the Same, Here’s how to Tell the Difference

This beautiful mid1960’s pattern is called Jadite Shell. The Shell and Swirl line look very similar, but there’s one easy way to tell the difference. The Shell line has scalloped edges, the Swirl does not.

If you want to know more about identifying these two patterns visit Jadite Kate.

Details of Jadite Shell

The Shell pattern is not always easy to find and when you do the availability is limited. Of course, that only makes it more fun when if you find it at a garage sale or thrift store. Which will probably never happen by the way.
Jadite Shell was originally sold in a 12 pack starter set consisting of plates, cups & saucers. Other matching pieces were sold individually, such as salad plates, bowls & platters. This could be why those particular pieces are hard to find.
Sugar & creamers are a bit easier to locate, but finding the sugar with the original lid is rare. Finding just the sugar lid is a task in itself, but it’s possible. Unfortunately you’ll probably have to dig pretty deep into your pockets when you find one. How deep? Well, for just the sugar lid… could be near $70. if in mint condition. For the sugar bowl with lid, it could sell as high as $100. The creamer is less, not sure why, but usually found for around $30.

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