Great Vintage Finds at Thrifty Prices

Finding collectible vintage glassware is not an easy task, especially at an affordable price. So finding a vintage piece of value at a thrift store is quite thrilling to a collector! Lately, treasure hunting has been pretty darn dry out there in the wild, but then… I found this! Whoo hoo!

Jane Ray Jadite Dinner Plate, 1950’s

The Jane Ray line is the most common of the Fire King line.  Pieces are relatively easier to find and less expensive than the heavier Restaurantware. However, the Jane Ray line has become quite popular with new Jadite enthusiasts, therefore driving the price substantially higher. $$

Swan Salt & Pepper Shakers

These shakers are a set of many (literally thousands) that are classified as “unidentified” but were most likely manufactured by Tipp Novelty Company. Not sure if the tray was originally sold with this set, and the cap on the salt may have been silver, not red. Nevertheless, keepers for sure.
Found bargain priced on Etsy.

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