Finding a Healthy Dog Food is Tricky Business

Why? Confusing Labels and Lack of Regulations

Is it just me, or are others finding is difficult to choose a dog food that is actually healthy. They all seem to be deceiving in one way or another. Boasting grain free, having no by-products, being all-natural, organic, freeze dried… blah, blah, blah. What the heck does all that mean anyway, and are these foods really what they say they are? Does a bigger price tag mean the food is better? Maybe to some extent, but for the most part, I doubt it. Sometimes I feel like the spendy dog food makers disguise their ingredients making them only seem healthier.

Ingredients Can be Vague & Misleading Because….

We really have no way of knowing the quality of dog food because of one simple fact. There are very few regulations in the U.S for manufacturing dog food, learn more at FDA / Food & Drug Pet Food. What that means is what goes into dog food can be pretty much anything. The waste from slaughtered animals, chicken that is unfit for human consumption, etc. etc. What does unfit for human consumption mean? Chicken for example, may have too high steroid levels and be discarded, but it can, and is, being used for dog food. The best answer I can give you is to find a manufacturer you trust, one who’s selling food with honest ingredients that you know & understand, better yet, can pronounce.

After much researching, I’m not particularly satisfied with any of the dog food choices on the pet food shelves. Even the premium labels with hefty price tags aren’t convincing me of their nutritional value. Nevertheless, my dog has to eat, so I’m forced to make a decision with the information I have.

My teeny tiny Chihuahua is only 4 pounds. This is a problem considering most all dog food kibble for toy breeds is still too big. There’s one exception, Science Diet small breed. Unfortunately, I’ve never been a fan of this food, so I chose the only other food I could find offering tiny bites, and a fairly acceptable ingredient label. FROMM, Small Breed. Here’s a little more information about the company.

Fresh Food|Fresh Pet

I like the idea of wet, or can food, but I can only imagine what creepy things it consists of.  Don’t know if Fresh Pet is a better choice, but I’m sold on the idea of refrigerated fresh. It has ingredients I can live with and at a fair price. Interested? Find a location where Fresh Pet is available near you.

Freeze Dried, Dr. Marty’s

This food I can’t help but feel good about, There’s a downside though, it’s mail order only, and it isn’t clear how much food you get for this rather pricey grub.

This formula combines premium-quality raw meat with hand-selected fruits and vegetables — to give your dog the nutrition it needs to live a long, healthy life. Because of its unique freeze-drying process, Dr. Marty Nature’s Blend is the most effective formula for canine longevity. Check it out.

Nature's Blend | Natures Blend | Dr Marty's Dog Food

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  1. This is so relevant to me. I have a dog and she doesn’t really enjoy the dog food we buy for her. She takes a while to adapt to new feeds when we change them. We aren’t sure what to feed her anymore.

    On Sun, 24 Mar 2019, 20:42 Blogging from Arizona, wrote:

    > amy elizabeth posted: “Why? Confusing Labels and Lack of Regulations Is it > just me, or are others finding is difficult to choose a dog food that is > actually healthy. They all seem to be deceiving in one way or another. > Boasting grain free, having no by-products, being all-na” >

    • Understand completely. I have 3 dogs and they all eat something different. Feed stores often have free sample bags of food, offer pieces as a treat to see if your dog likes it. Sample bags are free from the distributors, so don’t feel weird about asking for them.

      • We don’t have that in my country. You just buy hoping that your dog will like the new food

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