Make a Boho Dreamcatcher

They’re popping up everywhere, and so easy to make! There are no rules, patterns, or instructions, just make it your own. Use an embroidery hoop, material cut or ripped into strips, yarn, twine, lace, ribbon, beads, buttons, feathers, or in other words, whatever scraps from other projects stored in your craft space.  The creative possibilities are endless, but if you need a little inspiration, Pinterest is always a great place to start. Here’s a link to help you get started, Boho Dream Catchers.

I made this Boho Dreamcatcher over the weekend. Probably took about 6 hours total. I ripped up old white curtains, yarn, cotton crochet yarn, a doily, a few beads, ribbon, and an embroidery hoop.

Tip: Thrift stores may be a good source for some of your supplies.

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