Repurpose a Pallet

Repurposing is what’s it’s all about today. You know what they say, “One man’s garbage is another man’s treasure.” Here’s a great idea to prove that ol’ saying true.

This old pallet makes a perfect entry table/shelf. Pallets are easy to find, usually for free, but if not, they’re SUPER cheap. Check your local feed store, they’ll probably be happy to get rid of one.  You can use whatever paint you have stored in the garage, distress with sandpaper to give it that cool shabby look, then find a suitable board for the top. Since the pallet was most likely free, put your money into a nice piece of wood for the top. Varnish, stain, or paint it, just have a creative plan and go with it!

The only problem I can see happening is the pallet may be tippy, especially if it’s placed on carpet. Solution for that is simple, attach it to the wall. 

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