The Desert Ridge Marketplace Shopping Experience

Desert Ridge Marketplace is spread out over a very large area. The District is located in the center and is what I considered the main attraction of the shopping complex. Retail shopping is located on the perimeter in a traditional outdoor mall setting. There are around 75 stores and 30 restaurants.

The District, A Popular Hang Out

Desert Ridge Marketplace is a great place to shop and connect with family and friends. The center court, or The District, is the core of the shopping complex and caters mainly to a younger crowd. Many people just come here to enjoy the pleasant surroundings, watch a movie, or get a bite to eat.
The atmosphere is casual, and the food court is family-friendly with plenty of open-air shaded mall-type seating. The food court area has a large splash pad for the kids, situated in a cozy atmosphere where parents can comfortably watch them play.

Unfortunately many of the retail spaces are currently vacant, however, this doesn’t seem to matter, it’s still a very popular place for the community and tourists to gather. There is a free entertainment venue featuring live music every Friday night on the main stage. Enjoy Barnes and Noble, restaurants and bars all in walking distance within The District.

Retail Shopping, Traditional Strip Type
The outer perimeter offers an excellent quality shopping experience. Upscale shopping is a bit of a stretch, but all the well-known favorites are there.  To name a few, Ross, Marshalls, Old Navy, JoAnnes, Dress Barn, Kohls, DSW, Target, and Petsmart.
The only downside to this popular shopping center is its spread out. There isn’t a shuttle, so if you want to shop all the perimeter stores, you have two choices, a long walk or drive. This is Phoenix; it’s 115 degrees in the summer, and walking is not favorable, nor is getting in and out of a hot car. Parking is ample, but don’t expect to find the premium up-close spots available on the weekends, so wear your walking shoes.

Enjoy chef driven, and modest priced restaurants. But for those who prefer fast food, you won’t be disappointed, there’s plenty of choices for even the pickiest connoisseur. Restaurant Directory at Desert Ridge Marketplace.

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