Mid-Century Jade-ite Dinnerware Ads

Look at Those Prices!

Today, this green milk glass dinnerware is highly collectible and sold at premium prices. Jade-ite is hard to find, but not impossible by any means. If you’re willing to pay the price, it’s available on eBay, and if you’re up for doing a little, a lot of thrift or antique shopping, you just might get lucky. These are a couple of my bargain pieces found here in Phoenix.

Jade-ite dinnerware was nothing fancy back in the day, it was often a giveaway promotional item offered at grocery stores. In other words, it was cheap, and never meant to be worthy of the extravagant prices it holds today. I must say though, my Jade-ite collection is 62 years, or older, and still perfect with no chips or scratches. Can’t say that about my contemporary dinnerware. Hmmm, just sayin’.

If you want to learn more about Jade-ite, check out Jadite Junkies on FaceBook. It’s a great place to learn and share your love of Jadeite with other collectors.

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