How Negative People Affect Your Life

Eight Signs of a Negative Person
Why They May Be a Threat to Your Well Being and Success.

When you hang around with a negative person, their gloomy attitude towards everyday life can be overwhelming. Especially when they spend most of their time complaining and expressing their negativity towards nearly everything. Unfortunately, this poor social behavior by a friend or acquaintance can begin to rub off on you over time, recognise this, and walk run from this mental torment of constant doom and gloom.

Negative people are draining, and they can literally rob you of happiness and peace of mind. They have an overwhelming desire to be heard, and your listening ear is usually going to be filled with what they can’t get enough of…. bad news, or the detriment of others.

8 Classic Signs of a Negative Person

1. They worry about everything.

2. They often take a conversation and turn it into a personal attack.

3. They have a hard time trusting people.

4. They want to be in control, especially over other people’s lives.

5. They constantly complain.

6. They enjoy being secretive, usually about things that have little importance.

7. They are argumentative.

8. They have a critical and confrontational manner.

Time to Move On

Negative people are usually insecure about their own abilities, this can, and often hinders the people around them to succeed. If this behavior from a friend or acquaintance sounds familiar, then it’s time to take steps to create distance.

Surround yourself with people that are uplifting and sincere. Those who are confident and have goals, look on the bright side of things, are grateful, encouraging, and most importantly, laugh.

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