Grand Canyon Deaths Happen Every Year, Why?

For a Shocking Picture, Curiosity, or Both?

Image: Pat Shearer, 56, of Strawberry, Arizona, reaches for Victoria Gizhyrova, 29, of Chicago while Paloma Diaz, 48, of New York takes a photo staged to appear as if Shearer was saving Gizhyrova from falling from the edge of the South Rim in the Grand Ca

Source: U.S. News

GRAND CANYON, Ariz. — Victoria Gizhyrova stood on inches-thin rock ledges, grasping the top of a South Rim cliff with one arm. Her friend, Pat Shearer, 56, reached out and pulled on her other arm.

Click. Click. The moment was captured Thursday on a cellphone for a photo that made Shearer appear to be saving Gizhyrova from plummeting
“For Instagram,” said Gizhyrova, 29, of Chicago, only partly joking. Continue Reading

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