Finding a Treasure is what Pickin’ is all About!

May seem silly to some people, probably most, but, if you really enjoy collecting something (anything) and you find it in a thrift or antique store, well… it’s exciting! But it has to be a bargain, or the thrill is totally lost, kinda like road kill, you look at it, then feel bad as you walk away.
Anybody who knows me is well aware that I collect Jadeite glassware. Jadeite is scarce in the Southwest, and that’s not the worst of it. If you find it, you can expect to pay a pretty penny for it.

But today was one of those awesome days where I stumbled across a single piece of mid-century Jadeite… for stupid cheap.  Mint condition, with a beaded edge & marked Fire King on bottom. 🙂
Found sitting on a dusty shelf boasting a $4.00 price tag…  and better yet, during a 15% off sale day. Total price: $3.69.  Oh, it’s value you ask? $15-$20 in these parts.


What is It?

Good question. Not sure! Still researching, so far I’m just ruling out what it isn’t. I’ve posted this bowl on other collector sites hoping to score an answer. For now, looks to me like it’s a fruit bowl, possibly from the Fire King Jadite Breakfast Set, 1950’s. Measures 4 7/8 across & 2 inches high.

If you can help identify, leave a comment below, & thanks in advance.  Below are two other bowls to help you rule out the obvious.

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  1. Cereal bowl??? We’re spending our summer in Hayward, WI and I’m helping my sister-in-law remodel her kitchen. She was going to donate some corning ware until I screamed “no”. She had no idea of their worth. (not that I’m that knowledgeable myself.😆)

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