Panic Shopping in Phoenix, Arizona

Come On People, We are Better Than This….

Today was an eye opening experience trying to shop for groceries and household essentials in Phoenix, Arizona. Why? Because panic shopping over the Corona virus has caused a shortage of just about everything at grocery stores in the entire Phoenix metro area. There is NO toilet paper, napkins, Kleenex, or cleaning disinfectants anywhere. Can goods are sparse, no frozen veggies, very few cans of soup, and personal care items such as toothpaste, soap, razors, etc. are nearly impossible to find.

I have 7 rolls of toilet paper, and about 10 days worth of food in our home right now. I’m grateful for that, but I must say, if this community panic hoarding continues, I’ve a concern for the future ahead. If everyone just bought what they needed this wouldn’t be happening. I can’t express enough how important it is to think of others at a time like this, buy only what you need. There’s enough for everybody if you just continue to purchase as you did before the corona virus arrived.

I understand wanting to have a few weeks of food for your family, but selfish hoarding isn’t the answer to this potential crisis we are ALL facing. Times of trouble is when we work together, that’s what makes America great! But what that really means is, we share resources, help our neighbor, and practice sensibility and awareness for the people as a whole.

This is America, be proud of our strength, courage, and ability to overcome, be the majority of what we stand for.







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