Family Treasure Gets a Makeover

What makes this old plant stand special is that my Dad made it many years ago. My Mother used it as a plant stand on her front porch in Arbor Vitae, WI. There were two, the other was much larger, and I think my Sister has it.

My Mom & Dad passed away years ago, since then, everything that holds their memory has become more significant then what it originally represented. My Dad built beautiful things, but this plant stand certainly wasn’t something he thought would become a treasure. What really happened was Mom probably wanted a plant stand for her geraniums and Dad went in his workshop, found some scrap wood laying in the corner, and built something suitable for Mom’s flowers. If he thought even for a second it would become a part of his legacy someday, it most definitely would have been made of oak, or mahogany, and varnished until it felt nothing short of satin. Sorry Dad, the plant stand made of used 2×4’s, pounded together with giant nails and painted with ordinary house paint became that cherished forever piece.

The plant stand has been on my porch here in Arizona for years and the sun has not been kind to it. I took a look at my Dad’s work, and it just seemed disrespectful that I let it get that bad. The sorry state of his workmanship saddened me and I decided to dig out the sand paper, paint, and give the ol’ plant stand a makeover.

Two Days Later… Before & After

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