Tiny Kittens Begged Me for Help Last Night

Last night I went for a walk and four stray tiny kittens (about 5 weeks old) ran to me meowing FRANTICALLY.  It was 10pm, I had a dog with me, and was a good 2 blocks from home. But, somehow I managed to carry all of them home. Then, the overwhelming regrets set in…. what do I do now? I feared the mamma cat was still out there, and/or, what if there were more kittens & no mamma? Oh dear, I had a million problematic scenarios dancing in my head.

To make things worse, the temperature in Phoenix right now is 110 during the day. Not only that, the kittens weren’t safe roaming around, coyotes are a constant concern because we live next to a 700 acre mountain range. Many thoughts…. but no worries folks, there’s a happy ending coming.

I found a crate in the garage, put in a blanket, some water, and called my daughter for some cat food. They were at least safe for the night. I immediately posted an ad on Nextdoor.com (a local online neighborhood site) asking for someone to step up and care for the kittens. I don’t have a cat, so I had no food, or litter, or experience with tiny kitties. Then I prayed for a solution.

A wonderful response to the ad came first thing in the morning, a farm close by offered to take all the kittens, spay & neuter them when old enough, then place each of them in a loving home. Another response from the ad came an hour or so later. They found a dead hit by car nursing female cat on the same street I picked up the kittens on two nights earlier. The worry that I took kittens from their mamma was over, I saved them, and there’s just no better feeling than that.

The world is in crisis now for so many different reasons, but it sure is nice to be reminded there are kind people willing to help the helpless. Many thanks to a stranger named Susan who took those sweet kitties.

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