I Hate the New WordPress

I hope WordPress doesn’t ever take the “Old Classic” format away, because that’s the day I take my blogs down. The new “Blocks” are nothing but a giant pain in my butt, and adding/editing media is crazy complicated. This blog is just for fun, but my Chicken Keeping Resource blog is super important to me, not to mention, I pay a premium yearly fee for multiple add-ons and domain.  That blog has been live for 10+ years, and trying to learn the “New Classic” through countless videos has been an absolute nightmare.

Just keeping things simple for now, kinda using the new classic, but what a challenge indeed. Also, in case you haven’t noticed, the old classic is missing numerous features us WordPress ol’ timers depend on.  If they aren’t missing, they’re hidden someplace only God knows about. I’ll keep trying to up my game in the ever changing world of technology, but I gotta say, no promises.

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