Covid-19, How Does Phoenix Look?

The pandemic has taken it’s toll on Phoenix just like everywhere else, but in my opinion, everyday life seems unchanged. Yes, some businesses didn’t survive, but by far the majority survived, so far.

In Maricopa County, masks are required in places of business, and from what I see, the rule has been respected. There’s always the few of course, but not often. Restaurants & gyms are open, but at less capacity. I’m actually impressed by the social distancing here, while shopping, people are seriously practicing the courtesy.
I believe schools are back in session, and so far, I haven’t heard of any big Covid breakouts.

Our positive cases have vastly improved, around 500 per day, which is a huge improvement from 3,500+ a day back in June.

The stores are definitely less crowded, and although indoor dining is allowed, carryout still seems preferred. Grocery stores are well stocked, and I’m not seeing any shortages in retail. The only thing that’s still unavailable 8 months into this pandemic is Clorox Wipes, weird.

Freeway traffic has lightened up somewhat, but the city streets are busy as ever. Our tourist season begins soon, traffic usually gets worse, but I have my doubts this year. Our big events the first part of 2021 may not even happen if Covid is still showing it’s ugly face. The only thing the pandemic can’t take away from Phoenix is our warm winter weather; maybe the resorts will get a little financial relief.

My antique business has pretty much tanked, but I’m still hanging in there for awhile longer. My rent is cheap and I don’t have a lease, so staying hopeful things will improve.

I don’t know anybody that had or has even tested positive for Covid. Friends, family, neighbors, people I work with, all well. I’m sure there are people out of work, but I don’t know anyone that’s lost their job. I know what the facts are, just sayin’, I’m not seeing it.

We are staying home, shopping for what we need, and buying online more. We are not dining at restaurants, but are enjoying carryout food. Haven’t gone to any bars, but I’m guessing from parking lots, they’re busy.

Current Covid-19 Numbers

Maricopa County has had the most Covid cases, 146,574. It’s also the most populated, around 5 million people. In comparison, Yavapai County, which is the beautiful Prescott area has had only 2,706 cases.

  • Total Arizona positive cases: 226,050
  • Deaths to date in Arizona: 5,759
  • Hospital beds currently used by Covid patients: 9%
  • Completed Testing 1,876,432 | Total positive: 10%
  • Deaths reported today: 0

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  1. Happy to hear you had a better week. I did not know that there’s a pecan farm in Camp Verde. We’d always pass pecan farms in the southern part of the state on our way to TX and enjoyed seeing those trees in bloom.
    Love the calendar and your she shed!

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