One Step Closer to Normal

It’s almost one year since the 2 week lock down that was aimed to slow the spread of Covid. Well, we all know the outcome of that. So here we are, still cautious, still wearing masks and practicing social distancing. But, the numbers are dropping, cities are beginning to reopen, and we have a widespread vaccine program across the nation. Granted, it’s not always easy to find a vaccine, but if you meet the criteria and are diligent, odds are pretty good you’ll get an appointment.

It took me weeks of seeing no appointments available at every vaccine pod & pharmacy in our county. But here’s a tip, get on your device in the middle of the night, I found numerous available appointments at 2AM. I finally got an appointment this Friday, and that means I’m one step closer to abandoning the confines of my safety zone.

Staying home (95% of the time) for a year has not been all that bad, I learned to enjoy new hobbies and even started an online business, Bracelets by ichi. The closets are cleaned out, and the giant task of de-cluttering the house we’ve lived in for 20 years has been mastered. Goodwill is busting at the seams with all the stuff I’ve collected over the years. It wasn’t easy to give up on the fact that I will never be a size 8 again….. but I did it. And, I’m not sure why I thought having 30 purses was necessary, they’re gone..

Pandemic hair, I have it and it’s scary. I haven’t had my hair cut in a year. I can’t wait to go to a salon, a coffee shop, and actually shop in a local retail store again. I’m not a bit proud to say I’ve made Amazon & Walmart even richer than they already were. But I’m grateful to them for helping me stay safe with everything I’ve needed delivered to my door. Yeah, it totally sucked being in the high risk Covid category.

It’s doubtful (in my opinion) that Covid will disappear, it’s probably going to be a part of our lives for years to come. But we will adapt, accept, and learn to live with a new awareness. After all, that’s life isn’t it? Rule number one, expect the unexpected.

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  1. I really wish we could’ve gotten together for coffee, but such was not the reality. You’ll need to see my ‘covid’ hair. Cute bracelets. I may have to get a couple later in the year as Christmas presents. Take care and hopefully we can meet for coffee in the fall.

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