Techniques for Controlling Stress

You can’t read enough articles on managing stress & anxiety, especially when there has yet to be that perfect answer for the individuals we are. As we continue to fight the battle of anxiety, it’s important to understand it first. How? Learn how to help yourself, whether it’s through meditation, reading, researching, drawing, journaling, etc. Doesn’t matter, the most important thing is to occupy your mind with something other than worry. Live in the moment.
I thought this article was helpful in the fight against anxiety, hope you find it interesting.

How to Turn Off Harmful Stress Like a Switch

illustration of one person ready for a race, one person relaxed, with on/off text

Nir Eyal

Stress comes from anxiety about future problems and the lack of control over them. This article introduces a few surprising techniques to handle stress.
What stresses you out? How do you deal with that dreaded feeling? And did you know there’s a bullet-proof method for disarming stress?

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