Simple Trick for Avoiding Processed Foods at the Grocery Store

Eat REAL food for a healthier you. All grocery stores are basically laid out the same way, so this simple little trick will teach you how to avoid processed foods.

Got a few pounds to get rid of? I did too, but I’ve lost 20 lbs in the last 6 months with 6lbs more to go before reaching my goal weight. Here’s what I did….

Eating healthy can be simple if you understand the layout of a grocery store. I’m all about keeping it simple. I hate the word diet, never count calories, and I believe that denying myself the simple pleasure of the occasional forbidden food shouldn’t feel like a failure, but a blessing. The key is moderation.
Eat healthy, we all know that, but it’s much easier than you think. Just remember these simple tricks when grocery shopping and your well on your way to a healthier you.

Eat REAL Foods & Where to Find Them

  • Focus on shopping the PERIMETER of the grocery store. This is where you’ll find all the fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy, & breads. Real Food. 🙂
  • Avoid processed foods, reminded yourself that these foods are primarily found in the CENTER AISLES of the store. 😦
  • Exceptions to the center aisle rule: Grains. Canned or frozen veggies and fruit are acceptable in my rule book.
  • Seems a little extreme to avoid all processed foods, so I put limits on how many ingredients are allowed on the label, I’ve decided 4 are acceptable.

What About Sweets?

I would never say never, so let’s just say the best answer is to eat them sparingly. But of course there are always healthier choices to consider, such as dried fruit, dark chocolate, and fruit sorbet.


Again, who am I to say never. So… if you want to enjoy a glass, red wine is the better choice because it has beneficial antioxidant activity. Unfortunately there always is a limit on how much, 1-2 servings per day is a good rule to follow

One More Thing to Add……. Or Take Away 😦

And I Feel your Pain……. but, Nope & Nope

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