Another Business Bites the Dust, Mine

It’s over. When the pandemic started in March of 2020 we closed for 2 months, when we reopened, business was slow, real slow. I’ve hung in there for 14 months now, and it’s quite apparent we’re not going to recover. It was a hard decision, but I must admit, relief from the financial burden is rather comforting.

A five year journey comes to an end, but I believe when one door closes, another opens. I’m excited to see what the future will bring. New adventures are how we grow as individuals, I’m looking at this as an opportunity to explore new territories, and just maybe it will breathe new life into this old soul.

Goodbye to Country Chic Vintage Collectibles & My Precious Memories…

A Good Place to Start Fresh

  • I’ve had a poetry manuscript ready to publish for 2 years now. This is a great time to get that ball rolling.
  • A manuscript in progress of my life so far.
  • Work on improving my art.


Patience, this will happen, the pandemic will end, in the meantime, I’m just gonna enjoy the planning.

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