The Daily Grind, Does it Ever End?

We Learn from What We Choose, and Must Accept Change as We Grow Older

It’s morning, and it starts all over again, the routine, the unavoidable must do list that dictates the beginning of each new day. When we’re young, we’re so busy with getting kids ready for school, ourselves for work, making breakfast, and at least 10 other things on the chore list. There’s no time to even notice our hectic lives, we just live it… like robots.

When I think about it now, at 65, I’m amazed at all I did just before going to work. Alarm went off at 4:45 AM. Eight horses to feed & clean up after, chickens to feed, dogs, cats, and all of it in rain or shine. Then it was my turn, get ready for work, where I groomed dogs for the next eight hectic hours at a busy animal hospital. By 5pm, the farm chores started all over again.

Once that was done, it was time to make dinner, usually there was at least some laundry to do, and of course, a million other things to do with barely enough time to finish before bedtime. Morning, and it starts all over again. Weekends, were for all the chores there was no time to do during the week, like vacuuming, laundry, grocery shopping, etc, etc.

We all experience routine, maybe it’s good, or difficult, but we learn from the things we choose. We can always dream about the day it all changes, the day we retire. A simpler life, enjoy the quiet, maybe turn that extra bedroom into a special happy space just for you. Or, downsize, buy a smaller house, or an RV and travel the country. Being content isn’t about being idle, it’s about staying busy doing what you love. Sounds like a dream, but is it really?

I Have a Point… 🙂

Growing older and settling down into a quiet lifestyle is certainly nice, but it can easily turn into a redundant routine of idle time that can be detrimental to our mind and body. One sure way to grow old fast is to lose purpose. So here I am, older, retired, living a quiet lifestyle realizing inner peace comes from freedom of choice to either accept or rebel against life’s challenges. We can’t fight the inevitable, but we sure can make our place in this world count… at any age.

The only real perfect place is the one we create for ourselves, no matter where we are in life. Sometimes we need to be reminded… We are the captain of our ship.

One comment

  1. I actually enjoy grinding through things that I want. It’s a whole other story if I’m grinding through an involuntary routine. Great food for thought here though. Thanks for sharing!

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