Post Pandemic… and I’ve Changed

Life is Different Now, Not Better or Worse… Just Different

Staying home a lot and shopping online were probably the most obvious things we all did during the Pandemic, besides making Amazon and Walmart richer than they already were. Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful for the grocery deliveries, and Amazon brought me everything I needed over the last 14 months. Thank you.

However, now that the restrictions, curfews, and lock downs are basically over, I thought I’d jump right back into my ol’ pre-pandemic routine. But that isn’t happening, I’ve fallen into habits, gotten a little comfortable staying home, and still shopping online. Over the last 14 months, I turned my home into a workplace, a workout place, and turned my small art space into a rather elaborate studio.

Still keeping the pantry well stocked, yet, even though eating out is an option…. my first thought is to rummage through the pantry for dinner. And, I’m still buying in bulk so I don’t have to keep running to the store.

My husband’s job went from a 40 minute commute twice a day to working at home since the pandemic first began. He was recently informed, telecommuting is now permanent. Luckily he already had a home office, so this new arrangement is only a minor inconvenience. On the much brighter side, big savings on gas, wear & tear on the car, business lunches, clothes, etc.

Life Changes

Life is always changing, there’s no place on earth that change doesn’t happen. Sometimes changes are in our control, unfortunately, sometimes not. This time, the pandemic changed the entire world, many of us never experienced anything this life changing in our life.

Let’s try and recognize that change is more difficult for some people than others. People lost jobs, fell ill from stress & worry, are suffering from depression or maybe still trying to recover from Covid. Sadly many people lost loved ones, making this crisis even more devastating. This is all heartbreaking, but it happened & we can’t change it.

Step Up & Step Out…..

Times are different, but it’s time to jump back in the workforce, venture out and get this country rollin’ again. Be safe, but get back out there. New businesses are starting to open up everywhere. Stop in and welcome a new business to the neighborhood, or grab a bite at a new Mom & Pop’s lunch cafe.

It was nice working in sweatpants, but seriously, that was definitely putting our self-esteem on the back burner. Is joining a gym a possible plan? Hell no? Me either, but I’m definitely on board for checking out a coffee shop or bookstore! Hell yeah!

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  1. Oh yeah, the pandemic has totally changed lives indeed. We’ve been working from home for half a year now too, and I’m grateful for the resources I get to save from not having to commute. Anyway, thanks for this post!

  2. You’re cooking? How wonderful. I never changed the way I shopped … well maybe … went to the store a little less frequently. 😁

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