The Negative Social Impact of the Almighty Cell Phone

Cell phones have changed our lives, and although the positive benefits are plentiful, there’s a negative side that’s changed how we interact with others in real life.

People barely talk to each other anymore because their face is glued to a cell phone. Walking down the street, in stores, doctor offices, the gym, literally everywhere. Really take notice, there are cell phones in people’s hand while fueling the car, at stop lights, waiting in line at the store, even while enjoying a stroll in the park. Human communication has become digital and it’s kinda sad, don’t you think? Even between friends, first choice for communicating is texting. 😦

I don’t know about your house, but in mine, the cell phone is propped up in front of the dinner plate. We’re reading articles, or playing a game… and not talking. If I had kids, I would say no to this, but….. I’m not going to tell my husband to put his phone away because this is family time. lol. I’m guilty too, might as well be, don’t see any benefit in watching him stare at his phone while I eat.

It’s become a near tragedy if a phone is forgotten when leaving the house. It’s come to the point where the cell phone has impacted our ability to notice that real life is passing us by. Whatever happened to a random friendly hello to someone you pass by on the street? How can people be aware of those in need around them? Are we turning into self-centered robots?

Can’t think of anything that’s changed us more than that cell phone… or our look for that matter. Even our clothes, purses, etc. have a custom place to put a cell. Almost everyone you see has their cell visible in some way, has it also become a fashion icon? It’s on restaurants tables, it’s that bulge in a pocket giving the look of some weird deformity, and I especially like the cell half sticking out of a bra. Not. Sorry, if that’s you.

I like to watch YouTube videos of walkers touring big cities on countries all over the world. China, New York, and Chicago for example, and they all have one thing in common. People walking, some together, some alone, but looking down at their phone.

Silly me, trying to change the relationship people have with their phone. Not happening, but I can remind people that everyday real life is far more precious than a digital device. Put it away, talk to people, smell the flowers, and breathe in the fresh air while admiring the beauty around you. There’s enough time in the day to play on your phone, so let’s try and put the cell phone where it belongs… in second place.

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