Redirecting Negative Thoughts

Redirecting the Thought Process, I know… Easier Said then Done

Managing the Negative Thoughts, or Mind Chatter

First, there’s always a story-line in every anxiety episode, a worry or fear. I recognize that first, then decide if that worry or fear is a tried and true fact, or, is it just a thought? It’s usually a thought that has turned the situation in to something far worse than it really is. I’m completely aware of that, but if you experience anxiety from negative thinking then you already know it has power, and it’s not that easy to just dismiss or replace those thoughts with a pleasant or realistic thought. I said it wasn’t easy, but certainly not impossible.

Ways to Get Back on Track

Isolation is the worst situation to be in when anxiety and negative strikes. The best way for me to remedy that situation is to get out of the house. Visiting a coffee shop, calling a friend, sometimes shopping, and if that isn’t possible because it’s the middle of the night, I pick up a book. Reading is a great way to become a part of a different story-line. Our minds are complicated, but they can only do so many things at one time…. so keep it busy. Dwelling on any situation isn’t gonna change anything anyway.
My Mother once said, ” A healthy attitude is one that doesn’t give a sh*t.” I let that statement go in one ear and out the other then…. but now I’m wondering, maybe she was right? lol

Anxiety Triggers

We know what they are. So whoever said to avoid the triggers that cause anxiety must have lived in a perfect world, because life ain’t perfect, and bad things happen. I think better advice is to recognize the trigger as something that will cause a negative reaction, and own it. Not ponder over it, just accept it, because a solution won’t come any faster if you beat it to death with worry.

Focus on the Good Things in Your Life

Everybody has things they are grateful for! It can be little things like a hobby you love, or maybe your special four legged furry friend. Repeating good thoughts every time you’re overwhelmed by negative thoughts is a great way of having power over them. In time, it will become a very useful habit.

Create Happy Moments

Dance or sing, even if it’s bad…. at the very least, you’ll have something to laugh about, and that’s a good thing. 🙂

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