Accepting Who We Are

I look back at my life and realize how much it changed without me even realizing it. Sure, remembering the big events are easy, what went unnoticed was how much I’ve changed. One day I looked in the mirror and hardly recognized the reflection. When we’re 40ish we say were getting older, but those are just words, they’re true, but easy to accept because we still look good. But there comes a time when you actually are old, it shows, and nothing you do can fix it. The clothes (and size) don’t fit anymore, there’s obvious wear upon our face, and that drive to grow and thrive toward new goals and accomplishments start to seem less important.

Life begins to put limits on what we can do. Past injuries start to show their ugly face as years go by, and old surgeries seem to leave some negative lingering symptom that continually nag us. Not to mention, fear of what we are incapable of is mentally devastating to our self esteem. One day at a time, breathe.

My mother used to tell me all the things I over indulged in when I was young would come back and bite me in the ass someday. Well sh*t, I hate when she’s right. Eating healthy was never my thing, probably did way too much partying, sleep was low on my priority list, and I worked high stress, physically difficult jobs all my life. Hate to admit it, but I had to retire early (52) and go on disability because my my body was falling apart. And, anxiety is something I still manage on a daily basis even though life is only mildly stressful.

Getting old isn’t for sissies that’s for sure, I’m pretty sure the key to aging gracefully is accepting who we are. Now all I have to do is figure out how to do that.

I’ve read over and over that our health and well being could be affected by how we think. If we keep telling ourselves we’re old and dwell on the things that are imperfect, our life will be just that. So I woke up this morning, approached the mirror, feelin’ all positive and….. well let’s just say, nope. So I took a shower, fixed my hair, put on the best thing I could find in my closet and once again, with a positive attitude (because this was as good as it was ever gonna be) and again…. NOPE. Guess I’m still a work in progress.

Today, tomorrow, next month, or in the years to come, lets never give up on being okay with who we are, who we’ve become, or most of all, accepting what we can’t change.

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