June’s Brutal Heat in Phoenix

After being stuck at home most of last year due to the pandemic, things are opening up again and we can once again venture outdoors and enjoy life. Except that it’s 118+ outside and miserable. Last week some places around the Valley hit 120. I can hardly catch my breath when it’s that hot, and although the car is only steps away, it’s literally like an oven and quite suitable for baking cookies upon entering. Nah… I’ll just stay inside when I can, again, for now.

It’s hard to manage the property in this heat, sometimes I just have to let things go until we are blessed with temps around 100. There are rarely cloudy days in Phoenix, the sun is always shining bright, and no matter what the temp, the dogs still need to go out, chickens need tending to, and the wild birds and bunnies who live here also need water. There’s no avoiding the heat entirely, so we deal with it, and sometimes wonder why on earth we live here. Then October comes, and we’re reminded, by having the next 6-7 months of perfect weather.

It’s my turn to complain about the weather, your turn is when it’s below zero or your stuck in the house during a blizzard, or treacherous freezing rain. The thought of that is pretty scary to me, but then again, have you ever experienced temperatures of 118+? By the way, that’s usually when the A/C unit bails on you…. just sayin’ lol

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