Relief from Anxiety & Depression

An Idle Mind is the Enemy

When suffering from anxiety there’s one thing that truly helps, it’s easy, takes little effort, and anybody can do it, day or night. But like everything else, you have to be willing to put in the effort to help yourself.

The mind is an incredible thing, that doesn’t mean it’s perfect, it means there’s a potential to achieve amazing things. Power for instance, we have the power to control our thoughts, and learning how is easier than you think.
I’m no medical expert, but I have Generalized Anxiety & Panic Disorder, so I understand the battle and how to fight back. An idle mind is the enemy, it’s like a playground for racing thoughts to fester into a major sh*t show. The mind may be incredible, but not so much when multi tasking.

Get up, Get out, Get Busy

The ticket to freedom… get up from the couch or bed, get outdoors, or get busy doing something else to occupy your mind. There’s a million things you can do besides worry, especially when it isn’t going to change anything. What can change your mindset is doing something else, like reading a book, gardening, shopping, or even better, learn something new, such as playing an instrument, journaling, art, knitting, etc. YouTube can teach you almost anything! Ever thought of writing a book about your life?

If all you can manage is going for a walk, do it while listening to a podcast or music. Last but not least, call a friend, stay in control, and always remember…

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