Holiday Shopping a Disappointment

I ventured out yesterday in an attempt to revive my for whatever reason wilted Holiday spirit. Maybe the music & holiday decorations would spark a little enthusiasm? Well no, that didn’t happen.

Thinking of where to go shopping was easy, the one place that’s always packed full of beautiful lit trees, aisles & aisles of decorations, and gifts galore. The At Home store. While driving there I actually felt excited to shop, but than I arrived to this major disappointment…

The holiday aisles were empty, and other retail throughout the store was sparse, and that’s being kind. To be fair, they did have 100 billion decorative pillows. However, the last thing I’d be interested in, ever.

The only positive thing I can say about my shopping experiences this year is maybe in the future, retailers will be a little less dependent on products from abroad. Just sayin’.

After that fiasco, I decided to just put up a few lights and switch my focus towards planning a special holiday dinner. We always veer a bit from the norm, dig a little deeper into our pockets to enjoy a hearty crab dinner. Nope, not this year… WTH!

We are all living in a very different world, no matter where you live, life has changed in some way. Sometimes it’s hard to stay positive, but let’s not let stuff like this get the best of us. Change is not always a bad thing. This year, dinner will be a surprise! And who doesn’t love a surprise?


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