Ichiro, Yesterday and Today

Going on 15 years old, still healthy, happy, and full of life. Ichiro joined our family when he was 5 months old. I bought him from a Brussels Griffon breeder in Nebraska and had him flown to Phoenix. Picking him up at the airport was such a great day.

Now he is an old man, but definitely a cute one!




Travis’s Story, A Rescued Poodle

Travis was brought to a local veterinary hospital to be euthanized two years ago this October. His age, and perhaps more so that he needed an $800 dental procedure.  After blood work and an overall health exam the vet found Travis to be healthy and refused to put Travis down. Instead asked the owners to surrender the dog to the clinic where his future would be decided more favorably.

We adopted Travis and are so blessed to have him in our lives. Thank goodness he was given the chance to be happy in a loving home by the compassionate staff at Indian Bend Animal Hospital in Phoenix, AZ.  I’m completely baffled how anybody could just throw away a sweet dog like this for being too old… or too expensive to treat a health issue.

Well at least they surrendered him to the hospital, but honestly…What’s wrong with people!

Travis Cowboy hat

Ready for our vacation in cold country…

Travis Peebody 81916




Me? A Poodle Owner?

Whoda thunk after 36 years as a Professional Pet Stylist that upon retirement I’d own a Poodle. But honestly, how on earth could I not rescue/adopt this adorable fluff ball? It’s been a year and a half now, and not once have I ever been sorry for adding this little ancient treasure to the family pet clan. Meet Travis, he’s somewhere in his teens.

Travis Peebody

Travis 71816